First A$AP Ferg, Now Tiffany & Co. Is Backing Britain's Young Artists

27. Sep. 2018

By Alice Newbold

Its latest move will perhaps garner less air time on Instagram, but is no less important. The brand has invested in seven emerging artists and put financial clout behind them. Each recipient of the Studiomakers Prize, which is part of its ongoing partnership with the Outset Contemporary Art Fund, will receive rent-free studio space for a year and have the opportunity to display their works in the Tiffany & Co. Covent Garden boutique as part of a three-week exhibition.

The art school graduates – James Fuller, Mark Corfield-Moore, Miriam Naeh, Neung Wi Kim, Roy Efrat, Sofia Mitsola and Yasmine Robinson – encompass a variety of mediums from print and textiles to sculpture and jewellery design. The winning pieces will find a home amongst the personalisation stations, video screens and vending machines selling perfume, which have all been installed in the new “concept store” to speak to a new generation. “It has a uniquely interactive and innovative design with the focus on self-expression, making it the perfect location in which to showcase artworks by London’s finest graduates,” Richard Moore, Tiffany & Co. divisional vice president of store design and creative visual merchandising, said in a statement.


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Gemstones riding high

Aug. 2018

by Janet Fitch

"Collecting pebbles from beaches as mementos of happy times is something we all do, and Neung Wi has perfected a way of cutting and polishing the loved pebbles to incorporate them into jewellery, like rings, to wear and treasure forever" 


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Show Two: Neung Wi Kim

21. June. 2018

by Kathryn Lloyd

With Degree Show Two: Design now open, we take a closer look at their final projects and the inspirations behind them.

MA Design: Jewellery student Neung Wi Kim’s final collection Samrimryok incorporates pebbles and stones collected from beaches she has visited. The project title translates as an “immersion of self within nature”. Using the meditative symbolism of the beach environment, Neung Wi’s collection is an attempt to translate past experiences of nature into object forms. Neung Wi exploits sensations of touch and the qualities of unique hand-cut stones to create wearable icons, and reminders, of wellbeing and restfulness.


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First prize, Seoul Handcrafts Prize Contest – Brilliant metal workmanship of our ancestors ‘Filigree’

9. July. 2012

by Ji Hoon Kim

Neung Wi Kim is a winner of 2012 Seoul Handcrafts Prize Contest with her jewellery work. 

Neung Wi Kim jewellery consists of necklaces, bracelets, and earring, using metal technique of Silla Dynasty ('Filigree' :ancestor's glorious metal workmanship) with contemporary skill.

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Announcement of 2012 international jewellery design contest’s prize-winner work

15. December. 2011

by Yoon Lee Han

The results of the 11th International Jewellery Design Competition, the theme of "Untitled”, have been announced. The gold prizes are three winners in life-size jewellery and rendering categories, and So-Hyeon Lee's 'small world in the petals' (life-size jewellery), Neung Wi Kim 'one petal, blooming on by one' (life-size jewellery),  and 'Young-mi Kim' (life-size jewellery).


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