pebble beach

Beach expresses its visual diversity and there are so many more remarkable combination of light, water, earth, clouds, and sky. Most people know that beach is a good place to help meditation, rejuvenation and relaxation through alluring environment. Especially, beach composed of pebbles provides sensory experience that is ubiquitous, varied, abundant, comforting to hold. Their intriguingly varied colours, patterns, and shapes draw us to the hunt and soon our hands and pockets are full.


The endlessly varied stones that I have collected along the water’s edge are objects of contemplation, beauty, and sentiment. Sensuously smooth or intriguingly rough, multihued or monochrome, patterned or plain, the stones from each area tell a different story of how it came to be, providing powerful inspiration sources for design. The stones I have cut make explicit the value of personal narratives of relaxation, highlighting the power of a visit to the beaches, and the special time with the pebbles that she has designed with.