About me

Neug Wi Kim is a contemporary jewellery designer from South Korea, producing useful objects for wearers. She consistently aims to connect the ideas of intensity and sensation in order to create a nostalgic experience through touch and visual effect. Usually, her work takes inspiration from experiences in specific locations, such as beaches or natural environments that she has visited. As a countermeasure to the anxiety and stress of the modern world, Neung Wi uses jewellery design to make suggestions to tranquil sensory experiences that help people feel relaxed by presenting handcrafted symbols of wellbeing.

Neung Wi learned sculpture and graduated from Chung-Ang University with a Bachelor of Arts. At that time, she started to be interested in practical objects that people can wear every day. She continued her studies in ‘jewellery design with the application of pebble image’ at KookMin University, where she completed her master's degree and graduated with the highest honor. While studying at KookMin University, she not only had experiences participating in exhibitions and jewellery fairs, but she also won a gold prize and first prize in the International Jewellery Design contest and in the Seoul Craft Prize contest, respectively. Now she would like to broaden her knowledge in order to introduce her jewellery across the globe. She is currently completed MA design jewellery at Central Saint Martins in London and she has lots of plans to approach professional way.

neung wi kim